Why a Limousine is a must have accessory on your Wedding Day?

What every bride wants on her wedding day is for all eyes to be on her.

Weddings take months to plan…for the wedding dress the majority of the bridal stores in Chicago have been visited in search of the perfect one. The one that makes you feel glamorous, with every detail tailored to you. The groom has found his smoking, and you have given it your all for it to perfectly match your dress and all the little details, as if to showcase the fact that the two of you are about to become one.

You are only a couple of hours away from the beginning of your new life, and all that remains is the perfect make-up you have planned to bring out your best features and complement your wedding gown. The make-up artist is giving it her all to make sure that every sparkle of glitter is where it should be, and that the lipstick matches your skin tone perfectly because now is the perfect time for that gorgeous pout.

As you descend the stairs with all eyes on you, your family and friends are watching you shine brighter than the brightest star, admiring the inner beauty and happiness that is shining through as you are about to say the big, long anticipated yes.

As you step out on to the red carpet, cameras are flashing capturing every moment so that you can have as many memories as possible to reflect upon. You think to yourself, wow, I really feel like a star today…the limousine awaits decorated just as you wished, the chauffer with his white gloves helps you in to the limo which is about to take you to the church or venue. Everything is just surreal; we have all dreamt of that Cindarella moment in our lives.

So, you want to feel like Cindarella and you want your wedding ride to be magical? Before you decide what kind of vehicle you are going to choose and which company you are going to entrust this special day with always check these couple of things;

Most importantly which Limo Company to choose?

First and foremost, you want to go for a limo company that has years of experience, having successfully catered for many weddings to date but most importantly a substantially long list of satisfied customers. One of the ways that you can check the afore mentioned is definitely on The Wedding Wire or The Knot. W-Limo, with its 20 years of experience serving Chicago and over 2000 successful weddings under its belt, also has 120 positive reviews and a vast collection of photographs to prove customer satisfaction.

You are unsure which vehicle to opt for?

In case you are uncertain which vehicle to choose, you might want to get some advice from people who have experience in this field. There is a team of people in the Limo company who will take into consideration your preferences, the number of guests and the style of your wedding, and in accordance give you a couple of options for you to choose from. It is very important that you are clear about what you want when communicating with the company. Be clear about the color you want, the set time you expect for the vehicle to arrive, whether it be a Stretch SUV, Hummer or Party Bus. If you see that the company is there for you 24/7 and always responds in the shortest possible time, know that you are not just a number to them, but a client they care about and whose special day they wish to be a part of.

Get advice regarding your budget for the limo service.

If you are limited by the budget for your wedding limousine make this clear from the start. The company will always find a solution to make sure you are satisfied despite this circumstance. People often think that the more expensive the ride the better, but this isn’t always the case, there are gorgeous limousines available on a budget in Chicago that are sure to make your wedding day your kind of perfect. There is always the option of a charter ride which is a lot cheaper, an ideal option if all the guests don’t have to travel together.

Why W-limo?

W-Limo has been a professional in the wedding service field since 1998, with over 2000 successful weddings behind them. From season to season we aim to better our company and our services. In the last 10 years on the biggest websites such as Wedding Wire we have what is known as the couple’s choice awards, and every year we will aim to be better than the previous. We are more than happy to share your wedding photographs and videos on our social media accounts and our brochures, and every year as a sign of gratitude we will send you presents for your anniversaries because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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