Traits of the World’s Best Limo Drivers

In conversation with Vince Zogovich, the founder of W-Limo, once a limousine driver himself, we have come to learn what it takes to earn the title of one of the world’s best limo drivers. Having an abundance of experience with all kinds of different people for various occasions, he really managed to become an expert in the field, and assures us that he owes the success of his own Limousine Service a great deal to this experience. 


It is most important to note and understand that working for a limousine service as a driver you will come into contact with people from all over the world. A great deal of business will come your way in the form of airport transfers, and as Vince Zogovich points out, being open minded and accepting of different cultures is an absolute must. The beauty of it is that you will learn from the world travelers using the limo service. People with an array of vocations and interests will come and go through your vehicle and as it is life while you cruise with them around the city of Lakes and Prairies.


Chicago is a multicultural city within itself, so even the weddings, bachelor and bachelorettes, sweet sixteens and other occasions you may be chauffeuring will not all be

American. The more you know about these various cultures and their customs, the higher you will rank in the book of the greatest limo drivers.


Having experienced all of these first hand, Vince Zogovich took it upon himself to incorporate the above mentioned, and all else we are to discuss in this blog, to make sure that his fleet is chauffeured by the leading limo drivers. He has taught them the etiquette and really taken it upon himself to make sure they have an understanding of the diversity of customers that will cross their path during their time as a limousine driver.    

Limo Hygiene

Golden rule number One; keep that Limo sparkling clean! Make sure that there is always a neutral smell in the vehicle, airing it out after every drive and before every scheduled ride. Obviously make sure that you have hoovered, wiped and cleared the vehicle of any trash that the previous client may have left behind. The exterior also always needs to be clean and polished making that first impression a lasting one.


The front seats should always be pulled forward and positioned so that the client has enough leg space in the back. This is most important as comfort can at no times be compromised. The only exception to this rule is the rare case of a client who absolutely loves to ride in the front. In this case the opposite is the rule, push the seat far back so that the leg space is made in the front seat.


Conversing with the Client during the Ride

This is completely up to the client. If the client initiates conversation as a pass time, the driver is expected to continue the communication in a respectable and friendly manner.


The client is to feel comfortable during the ride and so an informal conversation is often welcome as its fun and helps time pass more quickly. There are of course several customers who prefer to do work and not converse or be disturbed, which the driver should fully respect.

Talking on the Telephone whilst Driving

Since the business is such, the only reason a driver can take a call for the shortest duration possible is to inform the calling party that they are on the job, they have a client and will call back as soon as possible. The call must be answered on headphones and by no means a telephone handled whilst driving.

The ability to Stay Calm

In the case of any tension a driver might encounter during a ride, he/she must have the ability to stay calm and make sure not to do anything that could worsen the situation.

Clients can sometimes fall into stressful situations and this should come as no surprise and should be handled by staying absolutely calm.  

A professional driver will know how to handle this situation with gallantry and class, and remain neutral upkeeping the reputation of his/her company.

Keeps Client Needs in Mind

The best chauffers’ in the world think ahead and keep their clients’ needs in mind at all times. A true professional will always have water in the vehicle for the client, an umbrella, wet wipes, a pen or pencil, paper etc.…


Thinking in advance and baring all possible needs a client might require is a sign of respect and a sign that they take their job and their clients seriously.


Complete and utter discretion and confidentiality is promised and never compromised.

Lasting Impressions

As one of Chicago’s leading Limousine services, W-Limo is well aware of how important the impression a driver leaves on the client is. It is not pro-form, but forming long lasting relationships and impressions is w-Limo’s way of thanking their clients for entrusting them with their journey, event and time. A happy customer means that our company can stand tall and proud in the face of the service it promises and has delivered successfully for the past 20 years.

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