Party bus advantages

You’re planning a wedding hoping to show your guests a real good time – we trust that hiring a party bus has at least crossed your mind as an option. This is completely justified, since this is one of the most sought-after transport options for weddings. Why? In this blog we will aim to answer precisely that question, as well as give you all the other answers to questions you may have concerning part buses. 

Does this type of transportation have its advantages? ​

Oh, rest assured that it has many! To begin with, if you have opted for a party bus as your means of transportation, you will be saving yourself from a lot of stress. Forget about worrying whether you’ll be late for your wedding. Your ride is in the hands of highly professional and reliable drivers who will be sure to pick you up and take you to your destination on time. We may add, guaranteeing your safety throughout.

Additionally, your guests will be spared the boring ride and  tiresome search for the location. The ride and the journey time you will simply turn into party time. No need to wait to arrive to the destination to get the party started! Journeying with those closest to you means you will have more time to make beautiful memories and memorable moments.

We have no limit on how long a party bus can be hired for, and no limit on the number of stops during this time. Therefore, if you wish, the party bus can pick up your guests from a variety of locations. This option of limitless journey time and stops, many of our clients have used to make their ride to their wedding more fun by organizing a city tour. This way you have the perfect opportunity to sightsee a destination you have always wanted to visit. Not to mention you will be doing so with your favorite people!

We wish to remind you that just as we place no limits on the length of the journey or the number of stops, we do not limit our services to Chicago. We offer our services in other cities too.       

You can, of course, decide to have your guests travel in a party bus and you take a more private vehicle as the bride and groom. This is entirely up to you.

How many people can travel with a party bus?

Our company offers party buses of different sizes. We have party buses that cater for 22 people, then a medium sized one that can fit approximately 30 and our largest party bus that can accept up to 56 passengers. You can rest assured that we have buses big enough for all of your closest family and friends. Another advantage of having three options size wise is that you can choose a party bus according to your budget.

Party buses make for great photography, so we suggest you leave one space for your photographer, you won’t regret it. When it comes to photography, our advice is that you use the opportunity of being on wheels wisely and make a couple of stops at some beautiful locations to make some epic photographs.

Can a party in a bus truly be good?

A party in a bus can be more than good! Our party buses have all the equipment necessary for a great party.


  • Bluetooth compatible 1500-watt sound system
  • Fiber optic mood lighting
  • Laser lights and strobe lights;
  • Service bar with insulated coolers
  • Alcoholic beverages (upon request);
  • Complimentary ice and bottled water


It is up to you to decide what kind of party you want to have and to customize it according to yours and your guests’ preferences. We give you absolute freedom and control of every aspect. You may opt for a party where you’ll be watching movies, or playing games, listening to music…you decide. We also offer you the opportunity to choose the food and drinks that will be served during your ride. If you want, you also have the option of using our cooler for extra drinks.


Thanks to the luxurious interior of the bus, you will feel like you are in the fanciest of clubs. What adds to the luxury (and safety) is the fact that the buses are all new modern vehicles. The vehicles have been manufactured in 2016 or later. Additionally, we have made sure the buses are comfortable. The interiors are large, so you can move about during the journey without any problems. All of this combined with the fact that you will be ‘on wheels’ will give you a sensational feeling making your special day even more special.    


We would like to add that our vehicles also have elegant exteriors, as is expected of a wedding vehicle. You therefore needn’t worry; you will look glamourous despite the fact that it’s a bus in question.


If you want to see the buses for yourself and make sure that they are up to your standards, you can do so in our garages where all our vehicles are parked. All you have to do is call us and let us know which party bus you are interested in. We will then let you know when that bus will be in the garage and you can see it.

What is the price of a party bus?

This is an important question, and as such we have left it last so that we can give answering it the necessary time. We will list all the factors that affect the price. So, lets commence;

To begin with you, should know that the price of a party bus starts at 180$ an hour. This, however, is the price if you are renting on a budget, and the services and tour will be measured accordingly. If your wedding is scheduled between the dates of April 1st and October 31st you can count of a party Hummer being 150$ more expensive for a 3 hour wedding package, with every additional hour being 25$ cheaper than renting between November 1st and 31st of March.

The time of year is very important. If your wedding is booked during the wedding season, meaning between April 1st through to October 31st, this could mean a more expensive rental. For example, a party Hummer in this period of the year,

Also bear in mind that due to the volume of weddings you have to make your reservation on time during the peak period.

The day of the week is the following important price determining factor. Saturday is the most expensive. On all the other days an extra hour is 30$ cheaper than on Saturday.

Size does matter. The bigger the bus, the more expensive it will be. Potentially sharing the cost of the party bus with your guests could make things a lot easier for you and the impossible possible if it is out of your budget range. This way the difference in size wouldn’t matter as much.

Additionally, the longer you rent the bus for the cheaper it will be. If your budget has been keeping you from opting for a party bus, we suggest you don’t give up on the idea so quickly. With the above-mentioned price factors, you can choose a time of year, day of week and size of bus and you still have your dream wedding within your budget.

Some additional advice. Now that you have opted for the best suited party bus, all you have to do is request a quote. This Is the final step and requires some organization on your behalf. Here’s what we mean;

The request for a quote needs you to state the following:

  • Pickup time;
  • Pickup location;
  • Drop off location;
  • For how many people do you need the party bus;
  • For how many hours
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