Limo driver etiquette: How a Limo driver is expected to behave during a Wedding

It has become custom, and rarely is it the case, that a limousine is not rented for a wedding in Chicago. The day would lose its elegant, magical touch if it wasn’t for the sophisticated ride stylishly whisking the couple to and from their ‘I do’s’. One can’t deny that the glamour of the dress, tuxedo and limousine combined make the day picture perfect. ​

​This is one of the most important days in the lives of the bride and groom, and the right Chicago limousine service will know exactly how vital it is for everything to run smoothly. ​

​It is essential for the Limo driver to behave gracefully. Therefore, W-Limo has composed a blog that it wishes to share with all its colleagues and chauffeurs, because customer satisfaction is our priority, and because we aim to be a praise worthy team who keep their standards high.  ​

​There are several absolutely unacceptable things that a limousine driver cannot afford to do on the Big Day. First and foremost, the bride and groom, or anyone from the bridal party for that matter, are NEVER to open the door themselves. ​

​The driver shouldn’t stand far away from the limousine when waiting, he should be close by and ready at hand at all times. Not only does it look professional, but it is essential that the driver is quick to offer his/her assistance to the party. ​

​Smoking on the job is absolutely prohibited. It is disrespectful, looks scruffy, and is generally a sign of bad manners and etiquette. Not regularly cleaning up after the customers is also unacceptable. The vehicle should be tidy at all times and the bride and groom need not worry about the cleanliness of their ride. The driver should also always have extra glasses at hand making sure used ones can immediately be exchanged for clean ones.​

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Red Carpet

The red carpet for the full experience is expected whenever there is enough time to allow for this luxury. It is a gorgeous touch to an already classy experience.  The driver is to make sure that it comes out smoothly and timely. ​Whether or not there is time for the actual red carpet to be rolled out, the way the driver handles the day should still give the customers nothing short of a red carpet experience.


The driver is not to shake hands with the bride. A respectful nod or bow is custom and gentlemanlike. As for the groom he may or may not proceed with this formality. ​The chauffer should assess the situation, judging the character of the groom and in accordance to his attitude either shake hands or nod/bow politely.


The ceremonial opening of the champagne is the highlight of the service and should be treated as such. The bride and groom are by no means to open the champagne by themselves. This is done by the driver right after the ceremony before the newlyweds enter the limo glasses in hand. ​

W-Limo takes the aforementioned etiquette of its drivers very seriously. A wedding day is such a special occasion that it is vital for all drivers to be diligent, professional and well mannered, as their part in this special day is bigger than one may initially think. Customers form relationships with chauffeurs however small their interactions may be precisely because it is such an important event, so in a way the driver actually has the power to make or break it! Everyone wants to be treated with respect and grace on their big day, which W-Limo supports, understands and promises.

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