Yes, there is glassware in all of our limousines. The driver is responsible for the cleanliness and doesn’t leave the garage before making sure it’s spotless. If the limo has more bookings in one day, then he/she will have an extra set of glassware in the vehicle.

Yes. You can always bring a cooler with extra drinks. Please make sure to check with the driver where to place it. This way the driver will be responsible for any damage it may cause to the vehicle, as some plastic coolers may cut the vinyl interior or make scratches.

The “Just Married” sign is per request only. Most of them fall off the car while driving to the reception and that’s the reason we don’t put it there unless you request one.

Yes. Decorations and the red carpet are included. The red carpet is per request only. The driver may have to make an extra stop to pick the red carpet up. Both are weather and location permitted.

W-Limo has a dress code: Dress shirt, tie, dress pants, and appropriate shoes. Drivers are not allowed to wear: jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes

The driver will get the exact same routing description as stated in the contract. Most of the limo drivers follow directions using GPS. If you have a specific route you would like the driver to take, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

For stretch limo services an overtime of over five minutes will be charged as half an hour according to the overtime rate on the contract. More than 35 minutes would be charged as a whole hour. For the party bus and coach bus service overtime of over five minutes will be charged as a whole hour. More about overtime and why overtime may be more expensive than regular hours can be read in our blog section: Watch for the Overtime.

Complimentary refreshments for weddings of three hours or more include one bottle of champagne, beer, soda, water, (one can/bottle per person) and ice. A one or two-hour transportation service includes beer, soda, water, (one can/bottle per person) and ice. If you would like to request a certain type of beer or soda that’s not a problem, but please let us know in advance.

No. There is no mileage restriction or limited number of stops within the time frame booked for the transportation.

No. The time when the service starts is the actual pickup time which will be in the contract. We don’t charge anything extra to drive our car or limo out to the pickup location within Chicago’s six counties.

We will use the same card that we charged for the deposit for the remainder of the balance. One or two days prior to the big event we’ll preauthorize the card for the entire amount of the balance. This will happen even if you decide to pay cash directly to the driver. After the wedding, when we collect the cash payment, we’ll cancel the preauthorization. There is an option to pay by check. In this case you have to prepay. The check needs to cleared before the wedding day. There is no need for credit card preauthorization when paying by check.

Yes, you can choose the color of the vehicle with three-hour wedding packages or more. One or two-hour wedding transportation will get you a white or black limo depending on the availability.

If you cancel one month prior to the wedding, then the full amount will be charged. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the wedding, then only the deposit is non refundable and we will not charge the balance.

We need to have your credit card number on file upon signing the contract. The deposit is approximately 20% and is non refundable. We charge it to the card on file.

If you agree with the price and service we provide and you made the chose W-Limo as your wedding transportation provider, call us or send us an email. We’ll email you a booking form to fill out. After you complete the booking form, we’ll transfer your information from the booking form into our dispatch system and send out a contract. You sign the contract and pay the deposit, which is approximately 20% by credit card. At that point consider your limo booked for your wedding day. The balance will be due on the wedding day.

Yes. The best way to do it is if you let us know your schedule for the day and we’ll see if the limo is available and where it is going to be for the showing. The limo is not on display like in a dealership, it’s on the road day and night, and the next day could be in the garage or at the driver’s home. We do our best to find the time to match your schedule with that of the limo.

Sure. He/she’ll be there to give you a hand, but the discretion of the driver may vary depending on his or her personality. If there are bridesmaids around the limo blocking off the door, not every driver will step up and move them to the side in order to open it for the bride.  If this is one of your concerns, please let us know ahead of time. Our biggest concern is your 100% satisfaction.


Yes. We would appreciate it if you leave us a review. You can do it directly through our website at or at one of the popular review websites:

Send us five professional pictures and one 60 second or longer video clip. Pictures and video have to be approved. Upon approval (5-7 business days) we’ll mail you a check

100% satisfaction!

A $100 discount on an applicable honeymoon, vacation, or cruise within one year after the wedding. A 10% discount on your wedding anniversary transportation if you celebrate them.


Yes. Although we do make every effort to accommodate last minute bookings, we cannot guarantee availability. We recommend making the reservation at least 4 hours prior to your desired pick-up time.

When you land and pick up your luggage, please call 800-966-0602 and tell us what exit door you are at. We will give you a description of the car (model, color, and license plate number), then send the car to that door to pick you up. It usually takes 10-12 minutes for the car to get from the staging area to your exit door.

Yes. The Meet and Greet service is only an additional charge of $25.

No! There is no extra charge for a set of golf clubs or skies, although a private car order is required. SUV orders are recommended for travelers carrying golf clubs and skies.

W-Limo can accommodate groups of any size. To receive a quote, give our customer service representatives a call at our office. Before calling, please have your travel itineraries ready to speed up the quoting process, and ensure a more accurate quote.

We monitor all incoming flights. In the unfortunate event your flight should be delayed, calling to inform us is not necessary. Your car will be waiting for you when the flight arrives. If your flight is cancelled, and you are forced to take a different flight, please give us a call and let us know.

No. There is a strict 2 hour cancellation policy. The ride will be charged in full if the cancellation is made upon arrival.


A) Shared car rates are lower rates offered to customers who agree to carpool with other parties traveling a similar route to their own. In the event that there are no additional customers to chauffer on a given day, participators in our shared care rates have the advantage of a private car service.

You will be offered the discounted shared car rate, whether the ride is shared or not.

Extra stops within the same ZIP code as the destination are an additional $10 per stop. Stops in a different ZIP code from the final destination are an additional $20.

Pickups between 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM are charged an additional $15. Pickups between 1:00 AM – 4:00 AM are an additional $25.

No. We are always tracking all incoming flights and make arrangements accordingly. The car will be waiting for you when your flight arrives for no extra charge.

Yes. Although the first hour of driver wait time is free during airport pickup services, any wait time after one hour is charged in 15 minute increments.

Yes. Adding passengers may cause you to exceed the vehicle’s maximum capacity. If you suspect additional passengers will be riding with you, you must notify us in advance. This allows us to adjust your pickup vehicle to something with a larger occupant capacity and adjust your rate. Additional passengers may not affect the rate. Clients taking advantage of our shared car rates can expect to be charged an additional $5 per added person.

Yes. There is a $10 additional surcharge for holiday trips.

Yes! We can accommodate charters of any duration, although we do have a 2-hour minimum requirement. There is no restriction on the number of stops, and no waiting time will be charged. Overtime charges may apply in the event the service extends the agreed time limit.

Exceeding your scheduled service time may impact other clients’ prearranged trips. To accommodate last-minute schedule changes, we may have to adjust our daily schedule, which in many cases is not easy

The demand for vehicle charters is far more on weekends, and supply is usually limited. Rates reflect higher demand.


Yes! We can make arrangements for round trip shuttling to events.

Absolutely! You can bring your own beverages, cooler, and ice. Keep in mind- because plastic coolers may damage the interior of our vehicles, it is likely they will have to stay in the trunk.

Our advice is to exchange phone numbers with the driver on the way to the concert. This way, you can contact each other at the end of the event and coordinate with your driver. In the event we have a different driver scheduled to pick you up after the concert, feel free to call our dispatch line

Yes. For concerts and events, there is a 30-day cancellation policy as well as a signed contract required to be completed for each booking.

No. We understand that it may take some time to get to the limo when leaving the crowded zone.


Yes! Start using W-Limo services now, no matter where you live.

Our airport procedure for arrivals outside of Chicago varies depending on the airport. For specific information, call 800-966-0602 when you pick up your bags. We will help you to locate your car

No. It varies depending on the city. For most cities, the cancellation policy requires you to call in advance a minimum of 4 hours prior to pick-up time. In some cities, the cancelation policy may be 24 hours. Please call our office for exact information

Yes. We’ll do our best to provide transportation anywhere worldwide, even last minute. We do, however, strongly recommend reservations be made 24-48 hours in advance for nationwide and worldwide services.


No. Our rates don’t include complimentary beverages. The only exceptions to this are special events and services scheduled for three hours of service or more. You may find limos that offer beverages, which is a complimentary service based on the driver’s discretion, and is intended to better fulfill the customer’s limousine experience. Although drivers are not allowed to sell beverages, tips are much appreciated

Yes. W-Limo has licensed affiliate bodyguards that are hired occasionally, depending on the requirements of our top VIP’s, politicians, and celebrities.

Yes. W-Limo rents black cars and limos for funerals, starting at 2-hour minimum rental.