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People go to a restaurant to grab a bite, have a drink, spend a few moments with friends or a special person, enjoy the ambience…  essentially have a good time.  A good waiter should be part of the equation.  Unfortunately, a bad one can change the equation for the worse, and that can happen in a number of ways.  An un-polite, slow or disorganized waiter can certainly do that, but an overly attentive and servile one can be just as irritable.  The key is in finding a balance.

The same goes for a limo driver.  He certainly needs to be polite, helpful and prompt, but he should not act as a robot either.  We, at W-limo are aware of that, and we work and communicate with our drivers in an effort to find that right balance.  We do have standard procedures for various types of services we provide, but they have to be intelligently applied in order to suit different situations.  A good limo driver should act professionally, yet be relaxed.  He or she is there to provide good service to the customer and should know how to act appropriately.  The limo driver needs to be aware of the customer’s preferences in order to make adjustments.   Meeting the customer, helping with the luggage, assisting while entering or coming out of the vehicle are rather typical procedures.  Bur there are other things which are not necessarily as typical.  During the ride, for example, a customer may prefer the air temperature to be higher or lower, and as a good host the driver should make the adjustment.  Some customers may enjoy a casual chat with the driver, some others would rather not engage into a conversation.  Whatever the case, it should be observed.  We do bring these and other situations to the attention of our drivers and make sure they recognize them, behave accordingly and help create a comfortable environment for the customer and themselves as well.  The positive feedback from our customers tells us that these efforts are worthwhile.  Not just our fleet and our staff, but our customers too are an integral part of W-Limo and that’s what makes us successful.

Vince Zogovich - Prom limo service provider

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Vince Zogovich is the owner of W-Limo, Inc. He joined the limousine industry in 1997. Vince established W-Limo in 1998. From 2001 to 2006 he drove over 200 wedding limos on his own. Realizing the specifics of wedding transportation and how important it is for his customers, he analyzed the ways of his business to create the perfect wedding transportation package. He made W-Limo one of Chicago’s wedding transportation industry leaders by paying special attention to: the details from customer service, driver behaviors, vehicle selection, amenities and even customer analytics. Vince is also the author of many articles on wedding transportation and honeymoons. He is the founder of Envedea, W-Limo's travel agency, which specializes in honeymoon travel.