Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Airport Transfer—Cancellation must be received at least 2 hours prior to pickup time for Chicago pickups, and at least 4 hours prior to pickup time for other airports across the nation.. If no cancellation notice is received or it is received in less than 2 hours (4 hours nationwide), the full airport transfer rate will be charged.

Prepaid Trips—Any prepaid trips must be cancelled at least 2 hours prior to pickup time for a full refund (4 hours nationwide). Other services will be charged at their minimum usage time if no cancellation notice is received with more than 2 hours notice (4 hours nationwide). Any schedule changes must be arranged at that time.

Wedding Charters—Wedding charters must be cancelled 1 month in advance in order to receive a full refund. Any schedule changes must also be arranged at that time. If no cancellation notice is received with more than 1 month notice, the full wedding package rate without gratuity will be charged.

For cancellations, call us from 7am- 10pm (CST). Email cancellations will be accepted once we reply.

Wait Time

If a client will be late for a pickup, the first 15 minutes of waiting will be no charge, but each additional 15 minutes will cost $10.
Late arrival must be reported at least 2 hours prior to pickup time, call us.

Lost and Found

W-Limo is not responsible for lost or stolen items, although we make every possible attempt to return or retrieve an item.

Agreement and Liability

Client agrees that there will be no smoking in the vehicle(s). Any passenger who smokes is subject to a $100 charge and will be asked to immediately extinguish the cigar or cigarette.
Client agrees that no illegal drugs will be consumed in the vehicle(s).
Client agrees that the passenger capacity of the vehicle provided shall not be exceeded.
Client understands that the driver has the right to terminate an agreement without refund in the event of misconduct by the client’s party.
Client holds limousine services harmless and not liable for any personal or material damagers arising from the conduct of the client’s party.
Client is responsible for damages to the vehicle as committed by the client’s party during service, either willfully or accidentally. Any actions that cause damage to the vehicles can result in extra charges, with a minimum $100 damages charge.
Client is responsible for the full payment of any overtime charges beyond the original contract agreement.
W-Limo cannot be held responsible for delays or inconveniences due to unknown or unforeseen mechanical failures or situations deemed an “act of God.”
Client agrees to pay a $100 minimum replacement fee for anything lost or stolen from the vehicles.
Client agrees to pay a $100 minimum cleaning fee if any passengers get sick in the car.
Client understands that there is absolutely no standing up in the vehicle when in operation, including standing up through the sunroof.
Clients who are minors understand that the sunroof stays locked and the divider stays open and locked during vehicle operation. Driver must have a valid phone number of parents or guardians prior to transporting minors.