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When it comes to searching for the best limo service – or ANY service, for that matter – many customers use previous testimonials to help make their decisions. As a result, many websites post glowing reviews from their customers on the home page, in the hopes of getting business. Customers may feel compelled to post their reviews because a limo service went above and beyond their expectations. But think about it: customers aren’t likely to post reviews when they get the exact service they’re promised. And it can be annoying to constantly remind a customer to leave glowing feedback for expected services.

A customer needs to be really thrilled about the services he or she receives in order to go online and use up valuable time to leave a positive review. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with negative reviews. In fact, just the smallest detail can make a customer hop online and leave an irate review. It’s just the way this business works.

We at W-Limo have a rule: we don’t force our customers to write reviews, nor do we write reviews on our own either (yes, some companies still do that!). We only send out one reminder to our customers to leave feedback, and these reviews are posted on third-party web directories, not directly on

Instead, we try to think out of the box. When we received our first complaint, we didn’t try to hide it – instead, we exposed it to every visitor on our website. In fact, we like to say that we’re probably the only company with links to customer complaints right on our website.

So what’s the point of doing this?

Simple: we’ve been in the business since August of 1998, and we plan on staying in business for many years to come. That’s why we do our job the right way. Mistakes can happen to the best of all service providers, which is why we show the steps we take to redress these mistakes, and ensure they don’t happen again. Besides the entire complaint, you’ll be able to read our complete analysis, including the following:

1. Reasons the mistake happened, and what steps we took to fix them.
2. The steps we’ve implemented to ensure the mistakes don’t happen again in the future.
3. Understanding if the complaint was not reasonable in the first place.

The bottom line is this: we’ll work hard to ensure that our customers are so satisfied with our services that they’ll leave positive reviews. But we don’t hide from negative reviews – instead, we embrace them and learn our lessons. No matter what, your review will help us improve and continue to be the best limo service in the area.

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Vince Zogovich is the owner of W-Limo, Inc. He joined the limousine industry in 1997. Vince established W-Limo in 1998. From 2001 to 2006 he drove over 200 wedding limos on his own. Realizing the specifics of wedding transportation and how important it is for his customers, he analyzed the ways of his business to create the perfect wedding transportation package. He made W-Limo one of Chicago’s wedding transportation industry leaders by paying special attention to: the details from customer service, driver behaviors, vehicle selection, amenities and even customer analytics. Vince is also the author of many articles on wedding transportation and honeymoons. He is the founder of Envedea, W-Limo's travel agency, which specializes in honeymoon travel.