About us

W-Limo started in 1998 as a Chicago limo company with a clear goal to provide its clients the best possible service at competitive rates. With 15 years of service behind us, W-limo has met the needs of thousands of clients. We picked them up and sent them on their business trips, on their vacations. We celebrated dozens of Birthdays with our clients. We drove many generations of students to their Prom nights. We witnessed hundreds of marital vows by newlyweds riding in our limos.Our quality customer service has met all the challenges and difficulties of limo business in a sprawling city like Chicago, and always it made the client feel like he was the most important person in our company. Our drivers made clients feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they will get to their designated place on time.In our 15 years of experience we never forgot one thing…that we are working with people, and that we should approach every individual with respect and dignity they deserve.