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Traditionally, people resorted to road maps when planning a trip. Nowadays the majority of drivers use GPS when going to a less familiar area. Sure, some drivers are more familiar with the roads than others, but even taxicab or limo drivers cannot know every street by heart, especially in large metropolitan areas. That’s why most of them use navigational devices, which generally save the drivers and their customers time and money. Using GPS enables limo drivers to take the passengers to their destinations quickly without unnecessary waste of time to consult the maps or bothering the customers for directions. GPS has many advantages and it surely is the way of the future, but there are some potential disadvantages as well.

In the times past, new drivers had a rather challenging time going to less familiar areas. They would get to learn the roads over time and know them by heart. The same could be said for some of today’s drivers, but it seems that on the average their knowledge of the system of roads is not as detailed. That is one of unintended consequences of an over-reliance on GPS. Luckily that does not pose any problem most of the time, but there are situations in which it may cause some discord. An example would be when the customer, having personal knowledge of a particular area, favors a different route than the one offered by GPS. When that happens, the driver should follow the customer’s directions if he or she provides them. On some occasions, like weddings for example, giving directions to the driver may not allow the passenger to relax and enjoy the party.

Ten years ago a driver would get preferred directions from the customer at the pickup location and it would have sounded something like this:: “Go to Dempster Road, make a right once you hit Milwaukee, right again and it will take us right there” After that he would have been free to close the divider and start partying. The driver would get them there even if he was not familiar with the area because he could follow a map and figure out exactly where Dempster Road is located.

Nowadays in the same situation, the driver cannot locate Dempster Road when leaving the customer’s driveway, or pickup location, thanks to the GPS that brought him to the pickup location. It’s too late to figure it out by that point, and it’s too late to ask the customer. He’ll follow the GPS hoping he is going the right way. He may get on a highway and stuck in traffic or hit an intersection with heavy construction. When a customer has to tell the driver which way to go, it may be due those issues. Generally, customers are more familiar with the areas in which they live than the drivers who may live on the opposite side of the city.

Therefore, it may be a good idea when planning a wedding to check the recommended GPS routes ahead of time, and if necessary call the limo company a day or two before the big day to provide directions. This will allow the driver to plan the trip according to the instructions. The only other way to follow the preferred alternative route would be to direct the driver during the ride, which most customers prefer to avoid. Consequently, planning ahead is highly recommended for anyone who has special requests.

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Vince Zogovich is the owner of W-Limo, Inc. He joined the limousine industry in 1997. Vince established W-Limo in 1998. From 2001 to 2006 he drove over 200 wedding limos on his own. Realizing the specifics of wedding transportation and how important it is for his customers, he analyzed the ways of his business to create the perfect wedding transportation package. He made W-Limo one of Chicago’s wedding transportation industry leaders by paying special attention to: the details from customer service, driver behaviors, vehicle selection, amenities and even customer analytics. Vince is also the author of many articles on wedding transportation and honeymoons. He is the founder of Envedea, W-Limo's travel agency, which specializes in honeymoon travel.