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With every spring that comes, W-Limo starts some new programs for its customers. One of the most recent programs that we came up within the spring of 2014 is the Wedding Gallery. There are different ways of creating fleet and wedding galleries in the limousine transportation industry. Some companies take their own professional pictures of the vehicles, some hire actors to give some life to the galleries, and some will simply go online and purchase new pictures.

With over 400 weddings in 2013, we at W-Limo came up with an idea to create a real wedding gallery. We sent out emails to brides and grooms happily married in 2013 and quickly got responses back. W-Limo staff would like to thanks to all of those people who decided to share their wedding pictures and to become pioneers of the W-Limo Wedding Gallery. We understand many people don’t like publicity. On the other hand, sharing pictures online sometimes can be fun.

We came up with two sharing options:

– Share any pictures with us that have our vehicle in the background and we’ll have them displayed in our gallery.

– Share five or more pictures that have our vehicle in the background for the credit of $50. This option has specific requirements.*

*Specific requirements must include all of the following:

1) The pictures must be professionally taken pictures,

2) The bride and groom or the bridal party must be dressed in formal wear in front of the limo or party bus,

3) and there must be pictures taken in front of the full-sized limo or pictures of bride or groom getting in or out of the limo with at least one-half of the limo or party bus in the background. See examples:

how to take a picture of the limo

how to take a picture of the limo 2

how to take a picture of the wedding limo 3

There will be no technical option for our wedding gallery visitors to copy or save any of the shared pictures. Shared pictures are and will be property of the customers only and can be withdrawn from the gallery at any time as per the customer’s request. Customers who have received the credit of $50 will have to return the payment in full for the shared pictures to be withdrawn from our gallery.

Vince Zogovich - Prom limo service provider

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Vince Zogovich is the owner of W-Limo, Inc. He joined the limousine industry in 1997. Vince established W-Limo in 1998. From 2001 to 2006 he drove over 200 wedding limos on his own. Realizing the specifics of wedding transportation and how important it is for his customers, he analyzed the ways of his business to create the perfect wedding transportation package. He made W-Limo one of Chicago’s wedding transportation industry leaders by paying special attention to: the details from customer service, driver behaviors, vehicle selection, amenities and even customer analytics. Vince is also the author of many articles on wedding transportation and honeymoons. He is the founder of Envedea, W-Limo's travel agency, which specializes in honeymoon travel.