W-Limo represents Chicago limo service specializing in serving O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW) airports.

For a smooth limo ride that is professional, punctual and safe, choose W-Limo for airport pickup or drop-off. Because of our affiliation with the most reliable limousine and car services in the country, you can expect the best service possible. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and no matter where you are in the nation, we’ll do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

Using W-Limo services is simple and convenient. To make a reservation for an airport drop-off, simply call and schedule a luxurious Lincoln or Cadillac for the day you need it. Try to call at least a day ahead of time. Our professional driver will ensure that you have a comfortable and smooth ride to the airport



While in some cities across the nation limo driver will let you in without reservation at the airport or even on the street, it will not happen in Chicago. Some companies require even 24 hour notice. W-Limo will accept your reservation over the phone in the Chicagoland within only two hours prior to pickup( 12 hours when making it online ) . It’s always recommended to don’t wait till the last moment when making the reservation. Especially for early morning pickup is important to  make reservation before 9 pm at night.




There are two types of services that W-Limo provides to it’s customers for the airport transportation. Shared and Private car service. What’s Shared car service? Shared car service is a money savings option. Customer commits to share the vehicle with someone in his area or on his way to the airport who will have pickup arranged at approximately the same time. This type of service may save you $15.00 and requires your flexibility of 15-20 minutes at the pickup or it may take up to 15-20 minutes longer to get to the airport. If there are no other passengers to share the car with you’ll get the “Private car” type of service for the “Shared car” price. There is an extra charge of $5 per person for additional people using Shared car service up to 3 people maximum.


                                                             HOW IT WORKS


-Make a car reservation for the date and time you will be landing at the airport. Try to call at least a day ahead of time.

-On your travel day, after your plane lands and you retrieve your luggage, call us.

-The friendly customer service associate will give you a few simple instructions regarding your car, such as the description of the vehicle and whether your name will be displayed in its window.

-Meet your ride home just outside the baggage claim area and enjoy a stress-free ride home in a corporate car or a classic limousine.

-Request a baggage claim area meet for domestic flights or outside customs area for international flights. The driver will be waiting in the designated place for limo drivers, and carrying a sign with your name. Please note this service requires an extra charge.



The most common pickup procedure at O’Hare and Midway airport is when ready to call from the baggage area. We dispatch the car to get to the baggage area by the designated door where you meet your car. At O’Hare and Midway airport domestic terminals go to the center lane of traffic and wait. It takes most likely 8-12 minutes for the car to arrive after leaving airport limo staging area. It’s not allowed to wait at the terminals to pickup the customers. There is constant police activity and they don’t let the drivers wait. In case the driver get’s pushed out it may delay the pickup for next 10-15 minutes. That’s why is very important to pickup the bags before you call.



Another pickup procedure at the airport is driver’s meet and greet service. This type of service will get you driver right at the baggage area, with the sign and your name on it, at the bottom of the escalator or by your baggage carousel.  There is no need to call our office unless you can’t locate the driver.  Once you meet the driver he is suppose to help you with your bags and take you to the car parked approx.100 yards away. Greet and meet service we provide for additional charge of $25.

                                                 TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH W-LIMO



If you ever need transportation assistance anywhere outside of Chicago give us a call. So far we arranged transportation for our clients across the Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America. We were able to provide the best service at the most competitive prices. Feel free to prearrange worldwide transportation while making the reservation to and from O’Hare and Midway. You can also email us to or call any time during your travel outside of US, just make sure to call our local line 847-655-2559 instead of the toll free.


W-Limo opened it’s travel department in April of 2006. The whole idea was to provide more for our customers and at the same time increase the business and lower the rates. Some ways of saving the money on transportation to the airport are:
-book your vacation with us and you’ll get free ride to the airport
-every time you take the ride to the airport you collect the points towards travel.
Because of our partnership with Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations,, cruise lines like Carnival, Princess and more… we can get you the most competitive rates for your next vacation.

                For more information or reservations, contact us 847-655-2559